Comfortably Stop Smoking — End Anxiety, Stress,
Fears and Phobias.

Dissolve past hurt and quickly reach emotional healing.

Internationally recognized author and behavioral therapist Gary Laundre, PhD will help you quickly and comfortably, Stop Smoking, end Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias. Dissolve past hurt and reach emotional healing without drugs

Using the wonderful mind focusing techniques of Hypnosis combined with the latest Energy Psychology Techniques (EFT / THC) you can enjoy fast, easy relief. End anxiety, fear, panic attacks, and phobias. Dissolve past hurts and emotional traumas.

One "Stop Smoking" session comes with one whole year of on-going support with no additional fees.
You may also wish to join a good support group. If so, go to  Quitza the stop-smoking social site.

Why Choose Dr. Laundre?

Emotions - Sadness— Panic Attack

Gary L Laundre, Ph.D is a pioneer in behavioral therapy and research. His articles and books are sold worldwide. Dr. Laundre has distinguished himself through writings, research, and private practice.

When mind-body science began to expand in the mid 1990's, Dr. Laundre emerged early in that field. As a professional, his primary goal was to identify scientific truth. In that quest, he dispensed with many mind-body therapeutic recommendations.

When he did implement a new discovery, he performed his own scrutinizing research until he was satisfied. Then, he introduced methodoloy into his private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the last 3 decades his success rate in solving client and patient complaints steadily increased.

In the early days, Laundre was able to resolve problems for about 55-65% of his clients. As newer and newer techniques were introduced, this percentage rose to 80%, and now more than 90% of the behavioral problems presented by clients are resolved.

Dr. Laundre is noted for his high level of curiosity, demand for solid, practical solutions, and requirement that each client show demonstratible change through therapy.

Emotions - Sadness— Panic Attack

Laundre separates himself from most others in his field by showing each individual how to "fix" their own issues rather than draining their pocketbooks by requiring patients to return for additional office visits.In fact, he has stated, "If any person with normal behavioral issues is told by his therapist that treatment will require more than one visit, that patient should find a different therapist." Of course, there are exceptions, but under most circumstances a new client will have the full solution to their needs in hand on their first visit.

Laundre provides up to a year of free follow-up as part of his commitment to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Patients return to thank him for his amazing results, of course, and some ask for help with an additional issue. But Dr. Laundre is not in the business of "milking" his patients.

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