ABC News Investigates the Laundre Method —
See Dr. Laundre's advanced techiques overcome fear

This advanced process produces much better results for most participants.

Recently, ABC news Channel 13 interviewed Gary Laundre, PhD to discover how hypnotherapy could help people be more successful in setting and achieving goals. WZZM news reporter Hannah Saunders investigates how Dr. Laundre's method can help remove discomfort and fear quickly. (Click on image above to view video.)

Dr. Laundre explains that success happens "by bypassing the critical thinking of the concious mind." His method of success is enhanced by years of research. His 25+ years of evaluating and testing behavioral techniques now benefits all his clients. He can combine the most potent combination of tools to resolve issues effectively.

Saunders was very surprised when her long-held phobia was addressed successfuly in only one session. "Just like Dr. Laundre told me, my phobia turned into more of a cautiousness or curiousity." Hannah doesn't care how it happened. She says, "I'm cured!!" Colleagues at the television station were surprised. They remark on air that they are familiar with Hannah's fear of snakes.

Contact Dr. Laundre to assist with your situation. Whether it be fear, smoking, weight control, or many other situations, you will be pleased with the results. Dr. Laundre has worked and practiced in Grand Rapids for decades. Call today and put your fears and phobias behind you.

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